It was a beautiful day, Shiloh started her mild labor around 8am and what a beautiful baby was born just 2 hours later. This was a text book delivery, everything was perfect.. we did nothing but watch in amazement!
You can see Shiloh starting to push as she lays in the pastureI know WE wouldnt do this but this is how this maiden will learn! This is Halli, her turn is coming!kind of a funny picture but for a bit, Shiloh decided she was a bit uncomfortable and decided to run a bit!when we caught up to her this was sho we saw!what a strong and healthy baby! We kept thinking it sure looked like a girl with those make-up eyes!Now Shiloh is trying to push out the shoulders, they always seem to be a tight fit.She made great progress as you see the baby turning slightly to fit through the wider part of the pelvic boneThe baby is just about to hit the ground... it is tempting to reach out but there is nice clean soft grass to land on and a warm earth to greet her!This is just how most of the cria land... and it does wake them up! She started "snaking" her self around as soon as she landedShiloh comes to greet and love her newbornThey start humming and talking to each otherthis little girl gets to a "cush" or sternal position almost as soon as she is bornShiloh continues to kiss her newborn and they bond deeply during this timeNow you can see the Baby bonding with her mother. Look at her ears, her neck, her body language all bonding with momThis is Halli again, now Shiloh lets her meet the babyAnd now the picture takers get to meet the baby!starting to standafter a wobbly attempt to stand the baby decides she just might be able to nurse while laying down! Girls are smart!Not even an hour later, you can see Shiloh passing the placenta with the bag of fluid, and her cria running beside herThis is what the typical bag and alpaca placenta look likeplacenta, just the way it lands... pink and health, 2 horns and in tact...And this is the best of all! Mom and baby nothing but love...One of her other moms greets her for the first time , looks like Taffy is smiling!Annie gets a kiss and a hug too!
This little girl, is Co-owned by Lisa Cadieux of Wit's End Farm Alpacas and Candyce Carlon of Eye Candy Alpacas.  Her name is Salt Water Taffy! Thanks to both of you for letting us post this birth.
                 Her mom is Shiloh and her Dad is Crown Point's Royal Gold.